Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Here's what's coming up!

The premier eco-tour of the season is a very special place for me. On my first visit to Miami 20 years ago with my friend Jerry, we birded Matheson Hammock. The first of many birds we saw was the hill myna, of which I have posted a pic. The tropical hardwood forest (unlike anything in Orlando, or elsewhere in the US) totally facinated me, with so many new plants to try and figure out. I have since visited there countless times- to botanize, see butterflies, reptiles, and the beautiful liguus tree snails. When I started doing eco-history tours in 2003, this was my very first tour. Now, so many different places, here we are! So come one, come all!


Matheson Hammock Eco Walk
Sunday, October 16 from 9am to 11:30am.
Stroll with eco historian Frank Schena through shady Matheson Hammock. Hear stories about its distant past as an Indian hunting ground, and absorb the diversity of flora and fauna that grows there today. Learn how this beautiful former estate became  Miami-Dade County's first  park.

HistoryMiami members: $20 Non-members: $30 

There are more coming up, just go to 
http://www.historymiami.org/tours/eco-history-tours/ to see the full list through January.


  1. Love your blog, can't wait for more!!

  2. Thanks ladies! I'm going to try for at least 1 blog per week, or more often when things come up.