Saturday, October 1, 2011

Welcome to my blog!

It's time to introduce my new blog! I have been the Family Programs and Eco-Historian at HistoryMiami for several years now. It has been indeed a blast doing the Family Programs (Camps, Second Saturdays, etc) job, and then squeezing time into the eco-history part (or forcing that agenda on the family stuff). As fun -and exhausting- as the first part has been, my real passion is the eco-history part, and it has been growing. Now, I've been offered a chance to take this passion all the way, relinquishing the task of Family Programs. I will now be offering a list of private tours, workshops and presentations as well- all listed in a new brochure. Hence, I figured a blog will be a great way to let the world know what I am doing with this new (expanded actually) endeavor. I also am going to post fun, interesting things about nature, ecology and history regularly. So, I hope you all will follow me on this great new adventure!


  1. Good luck Frank, watch out for the land crabs.

    Love and best wishes,


  2. Yes! a few weeks back, I saw one of the colorful blue and red ones high in a tree wandering around. Welcome back to Miami!